Do you have roots in Forsyth, Co., GA?

My post today is in hopes that some of you with ancestors from Forsyth County, GA (formed from Cherokee County and the Cherokee Nation before that) will express your interest and tell me what you are looking for in Forsyth County. Do you need pictures of headstones or historic buildings that figure into your history? Let me know!

I live in Cumming, GA in Forsyth County. It’s actually not as ‘deep south’ as it sounds. As Atlanta, GA has expanded, Cumming feels more like a suburb now rather than a separate town. I am an amateur geneaologist who is a bit frustrated that the resources I need to do work on my own family lines is far away in Maryland, West Virginia and a variety of locations in the United Kingdom. I am making plans to get certified as a professional and need to chose an area of specialty. I thought it made the most sense to specialize in areas where my family research is done. But, I now think it might make a lot more sense to specialize in the area where I live. After all, I am minutes away from Forsyth County, GA government offices as well as from those little out of the way cemeteries where someone’s great, great grandfather might lie in peace yet may not have been found by his modern day family. I think my easy access to local records, information and physical research sites just might be more highly valued.

I am also in the process of expanding my website to include key research resources for the county. Check it out Forsyth County, GA Resources at Digging for Ancestors!

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Thanks for the nice list of resources on your Digging for Ancestors website! How far away are you from the courthouse in Cumming?

Hi, Familysecret. I guess I’m about 12 miles from the courthouse. Not a bad drive unless its during rush hour!!

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